SEO Optimization Tips for Blogger Page Titles

We have already seen how to tweak your wordpress title tags for search engine optimization.It was easy.
What we did in WordPress is converted the default option in wordpress where – The Blog Title would be in front followed by the post title to – Post Title – Followed by Blog title.
Ex: – DailySEoblog – How to convert blogger title tag for SEO
How to convert blogger title tag for SEO – DailySEoblog

Why should you convert the default title structure?

In the default option – since the Blog title(Dailyseoblog in my case) appears first, the important information(which is the post title) is pushed to the end.There is a chance for the search engines to append this long a title. Also, it wouldn’t look appealing to searchers on google.

How do we change the title tag structure on Blogger so that it’s optimized for search engines?

The same law applies here. Put the main content(Post title) first followed by the Blog Title.
In Blogger, by default the Blog Title would come first.Let’s analyze the code.

Do you find something like this on your blog template?(Dashboard]Template)

[ItemPage][title][$BlogTitle$] – [Blogger][$BlogItemTitle$][/Blogger][/title][/ItemPage]

Change it to


(Please replace square brackets with arrows>< )

Save and republish. Now, what we’ve done is brought the Item page title(which is the blog post title) to first place and pushed the Blog Title to the end.


The results should like like this.


Now, that’s one more reason for your blog to gain edge over other bloggers and rank high on search engines.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Good ideas.

  2. Hi Mani,

    Thanks for the awesome tip! I have trying to find the means to do this for some time. I tried to implement the code you mentioned above and I keep getting an XML coding error. Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. I am using blogger. I cannot find the [ItemPage][title][$BlogTitle$] – [Blogger][$BlogItemTitle$][/Blogger][/title][/ItemPage] you refer to.

    I am on the Edit Template HTML page and did a search for ‘item’ there is none.

  4. Unfortunately, this does not work on “new” blogger (previously known as “Blogger Beta”), which uses a quite complex xml-derived structure.
    Anyone knows how to do this on the “new” blogger?

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  5. Great and useful tip…

  6. Hey Mani,
    Please do us a favor and look at the new code on Blogger. I can see similarity in the codes you listed and what is there now. You will easily be able to figure out how we can change things. Please check it out and let us know. Thanks.

    Trey’s last blog post..Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

  7. Mani Karthik

    Trey, could you pass me on the original template code, I’ll take a look at it.

  8. Hey Mani,
    Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you until now. Here is the Blogger code for one of my templates. Hopefully, everyone will be helped by this: It was too big for a comment so I will email it to you at your gmail. Thanks Big Guy!

    Trey’s last blog post..Let’s Talk About Fish Baby!

  9. I just emailed you the code Mani. Thanks for helping us.

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  10. hi, i want to change the title tag of my blog and i am trying to use this code in my blog but no avail…

    anybody can tell me what is the problem with this?

  11. Seems like tweaking WP is much more easy than blogger.

  12. Good Tips

    Good tips!Also good to explain the basics of why this is important:

  13. Joe Caterisano

    wow thanks!

  14. Ah! Exactly what I wanted!
    Thanks for this.


  15. I suggest for EVERY blogger who uses Blogger to do this!

  16. Hey I did not found any such settings in blogger template. Someone help me out where exactly i need to make such changes.

    By the way this is a very useful article.
    Good findings !!

  17. Interestingly, I even nedumala about it …

  18. The Goldfish Guy

    I can’t seem to find that in my source code for blogger. Can you take a look at my source code and tell me exactly what I need to change.

    My meta tags that I have in there now for title, description and keywords are there. The title always stays the same in which I want that to be the title post of my blog, then I would like to add seperate descriptions and keywords for each blog post as well.

    Please help me so that I can get my blog post titles what they are suppose to be rather the staying the same all the time. I know I have problems in my source code for meta tags that is probably the cause that it’s staying the same, maybe you can help me fix this once and for all.

    Look forward to your reply. You have a great SEO Blog, I am going to keep coming back for sure.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

    You can take a look at the source code here

    P.S. One last question for you, changing my domain name to the one listed above as I have it redirected to the blogspot domain one, will it effect my search engine rankings and traffic by making that change through blogger to my own domain name?

    Blogger says that the blogspot address that people know already will still work directing people to my own domain. Question I have will it be listed in search engines as two sites causing duplicate content that will cause it to lose rankings or be de-listed?

    Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  19. Thanks a lot fo guidness.
    plz keep it up
    really helpful for me

  20. thanks for the post. Can u look my website for seo? ı thınk you can understand my seo problem.. and maybe u can help fe for developing my seo

  21. Mani , this one doesn’t work with the new Blogger templates .
    Have a look at this page :

    You may also look at all available seo tips for Blogger

    Btw, very impressive write up ..

    colorite .

  22. Go to Template / Edit html >

    Press Ctrl+F and search for .

    Replace that code with the code in the following box and save your template.

  23. Yo Mani!

    I finally got the code for Blogger. Send me an email so I can send it to you. Post a new update to this topic with the code in it. Give me a hand with some backlinks and let people see my blog in your new post. That way we can help each other out. Thanks bro.


  24. I can’t find this code on my template:
    [ItemPage][title][$BlogTitle$] – [Blogger][$BlogItemTitle$][/Blogger][/title][/ItemPage]

    What should I do?

    Btw, I have another question about dofollow setting on blogger. Please help me how to make my nofollow comment link into dofollow?

  25. Hm that sounds good but I would like to know more details.

  26. I’d like to know details

  27. Your news is a cool stuff man, keep it going.

  28. Here is the right code:

  29. Im sorry it didnt appear. Here it is again:

    (b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/></b:if)

    just change the beginning and end with . Thank you!

  30. Interesting! The Difference of classic and modern

  31. I’ve got a far better way to correct the Blogger Page Title.

    The code on my Blogger Blog will fix the Page Title, & also embed the Blogger labels into the Page Title

    [Blog Post Title]+[Blogger Labels]+[Blog Name]

    The code works way better than anything else, as far as blogger goes.

    Here is the link to the new code.

    When you get to my blog, look at the page Titles, on each blog post, it will show my Labels (keywords) that also show up in the Google SERP.

    Trust me you will start ranking higher in the SERP. If you need proof, Do a Google search for “host javascript”, that number one spot is me. :)


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  35. Nice tips, I’ve already apply this tips to my blog and it works fine for me, thank for the tips it is really high quality content of the post. ones again thanks a lot.

  36. Great stuff again Mani. I have a new blog and just used your advice. I will be writing the first post tomorrow. The blog is all about men’s fashion, where I will be giving advice and promoting my new clothing line. Cheers!

  37. Thanks for this post. I have also changed my blogger title by this post.

  38. Hi Mani, Post is great i’m new at this blog but now i’m following you. very impressive person your Mani. FRIEND

  39. thanks, but i cant find these codes in my blogger edit html in the dashboard……

    [ItemPage][title][$BlogTitle$] – [Blogger][$BlogItemTitle$][/Blogger][/title][/ItemPage] tnx :-)

  40. thanks, usefull tips

  41. Nice Tip,Its true to adjust your blog title tag to make it more friendly for Google bot.

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    very useful to me

  43. That’s what I was seeking for! Thanks for sharing.

  44. Thanks for your sharing info , i have something to change layout blog-category- post like Breadcrumb Plugins for wordpress and blogger, what is same seo with your tips, thanks

  45. Thanks mani for great information, which i am using in my blog and it is work great.

  46. Thanx Mani, it was lots of help on my blog

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    very interesting i have heard many areas like this, here is one of them actually

  48. buen aporte en cuanto a posicionar paginas ,con distinto codigo,html,habra que probarlo.gracias.

  49. interesting post …

  50. I tried this tips but fail. Is it still work for new blogger template?

  51. Great idea. I’m going to try this on some of my blogger accounts

  52. nice post..thanks for share

  53. Thanks for this great post . I have trying to find the means to do this for some time. I tried to implement the code you mentioned above and I keep getting an XML coding error you have any suggestion .

  54. If you have trouble, I just used this on 8/23/2011 and it worked on my blog

  55. [

    remove the square brackets

  56. geez I can’t paste the code without it changing.
    Here goes
    [b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

    replace beginning and ending brackets with less than greater than symbols

  57. lol okay replace all square brackets with less than greater than
    [b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"]
    [title][data:blog.pageName/] – [data:blog.title/][/title]

  58. I had messed up previously my blogger page titles. I think I had trouble with updating codes. Thanks for this information.

  59. nice guide for beginner.. thanks for sharing