What are Primary and Secondary Keywords in SEO ?

Keywords are the building blocks of your blog. They are like amino acids that form the proteins for growth to your body.

The right amount of supply and the right category of keywords will give you the best positions on search engines. I’ve talked about the importance of keywords here – you may want to check it out too.

Let’s see what are the different types of keywords and how they will get you more traffic.

Keywords are of two types – Primary and Secondary – Which is important ?

Primary keywords are the ones(mostly one or two) that are given the most importance while optimizing a web page.They appear on the most vital areas like the header – footer – inbound anchor text – H1 tags – Meta tags etc. Primary keywords should be repeated with a certain amount of keyword density through out the page.

The reason why some keywords are considered primary is because those are the ones that are marketable online and has a niche market. Probably those are the ones that are not used by other sites and is yet to break into a niche.

The secondary keywords are the ones that are less important and supports the primary keywords for its marketing.They are many a times combination of one or more keywords and can be used with or without more combinations at different places.They form the lesser proportion of keyword density.They are keywords that other sites have already optimized for and therefore may be difficult to break into the top 10 search engine page results.

A good combination of primary keyword selection supported by secondary keywords will ensure a well optimized page for that particular keyword. Ex:- Primary keyword for earning money online would be, "Make money online" and secondary keyword would be "Make money online with adsense", it’s just an example.

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  1. i think it,s a great post.

  2. You have an incredible amount of knowledge, and I thank you for helping me learn so many things about internet marketing.

  3. Certainly Cleared some of my doubts.


  4. The links of the articles are not working.

  5. Yes. Keywords are the key to the success of our blogs without which we would not be able to drive traffic. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Another key is to bold your keywords as you sprinkle them throughout your blog post. Especially if it is a blog where people are reading content that isn’t all about information. If you do this, the reader can browse through and understand the point of your blog without reading the entire post. Thanks for all your help Mani!

    T. R. Cosby – “Trey”

  7. keywords are definitely the most important part of SEO…when you put up right keyword and put them in your article you get listed in search engine..no doubt about that..thanks for the article.

  8. Use keyword which have a high monthly search volume and less competition. Density of keywords in your blog should be around 5%. It is much easier to make articles rank high in Search engines than the entire website. Articles are a good way to drive traffic to your website. Keywords play a very important role in getting the articles up in search engines.

  9. thanx for this iformation

  10. Really Keyword play important role in SEO but in your article link are not working popularly.

  11. Adam

    I really like this article. Thank you. Unfortunately I am still having some difficulty understand the difference between primary and secondary keywords. And there isn’t much laymen termed info out there about the difference. Could you point me toward another useful article? Or better yet (if you don’t mind), provide a few more examples? Thanks.

  12. Aslam alikom….

    i am a web pages optimizer ia have already idea for optimize to a page but i am not satisefy to this.. so i want to say every body please tell me any once good idea for optimze to a page.

  13. sabeena

    Walekum salam ,there is no one idea for page optimization, you have to follow a pattern which follows as below:
    1. to know your clients objective and goal
    2. competitor analysis
    3. keyword analysis
    4. on page optimization
    5. off page optimization.
    to know each section in brief u can follow articles or study material by seomoz.com . they are very helpful

  14. Thanks for the post.
    What is an example of a good primary keyword? Sorry, I am so lost and have been trying to prmote my website with no knowledge. Sooo frustrating.
    Maxine x

  15. Thanks for the clear description of the primary and the seconadry keywords.Primary and Secondary keywords can be considered a replica for the short-tail and long-tail keywords respectively.As I go thorough articles I come across that Google pays no more imprtance to the keywords to rank the page.But I think that keywords, a prime tool of the content writing definitely helps to boost up the search according to the search string.

  16. Hey, This can be an exceptionally informative post, I’d enjoy to read more posts from you.

  17. I was total impress by you Primary and Secondary keywards different.

  18. Stanley

    Yes, I have read many websites that try to claim that keywords are just not as important as they once were. However, I have found that if you want to rank high in the search engines then it is impossible to do so without paying attention to keywords and embedding anchor text when building links.