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Get notified if you are violating Google TOS/guidelines

Google have now started to email webmasters notifying that their website is violating their guidelines (if they have), while their accounts are on hold. Google had stopped emailing webmasters as there were lot of spoofed up emails that were sent earlier to confuse webmasters. Google had started sending messages from the Google Webmaster Central console [...]

Convert feedburner feeds to your’s using Feedburner myBrand

Matt Cutts recommends in his White hat tips for SEO’s that they convert feedburner feeds to their own blog using myBrand option of feedburner. I’m not sure how much this is effective, but since we heard it from the Google man himself – let’s not take a chance but get it done. What is myBrand? As [...]

20 Search Engine Optimization Tips for bloggers

Here are the best of the best must read Search Engine Optimization tips from around the web. All collected from the best SEO blogs around. Suited for bloggers ( blogger, typepad, and wordpress users), this post will serve you as a reference when looking for SEO tips for your blog.   Top 10 SEO tips Cool Google man [...]

Free online tool to find supplementary Index pages

August 1st, Google officially pulled off the supplementary index search operator because Matt thought that it’s not really important and people are un necessarily crying over it. So the  “ ***-view” operator does not function anymore on Google. For those of you who are obsessed with checking the number of supplementary index pages (like how [...]

9 free PDF applications – convert,split,print etc with PDF applications

BullZip PDF Printer – BullZip PDF Printer is a virtual printer driver that enables you to convert any printable document or image to PDF format. doPDF – doPDF enables you to convert any printable document to PDF format. PDF Xchange Viewer  – PDF-XChange Viewer is an alternative viewer for PDF files that enables you to [...]

How effective is using Google enhanced image search on your blog?

Enhanced Google Image Search, is an opt-in option/ tool in the Google webmasters central dashboard, available to webmasters for making the images in their sites more visible to the Google search engine. And thereby increasing the chances of incoming organic traffic through Google image search. How to? To make the images in your site available [...]

New Live Search Webmaster Portal for SEO’s

Last March, Live had pulled off it’s search operators ( abnormal usage by third parties and since then it’s been a black room out there in the Live search engines, because you had no known way to know your site statistics on their engines. To cover up, Microsoft has launched a new application called the [...]

What are MSN’s ranking factors ? Search Engine Optimization Tip

MSN is probably the most abused and “out of shape” search engine around. While I really have nothing against MSN/Live, it’s a fact that they give me less organic traffic when compared to Google or Yahoo. Which is indeed a very good reason for bloggers and webmasters to focus their efforts on Google rather than MSN. While [...]

SEO Tips for Yahoo-New tool from the Yahoo stable

Yahoo has a different set of metrics and priorities when calculating your rank on the SERPs. Most of the times, they are similar to Google’s metrics like the number of incoming links, title page content etc. For obvious reasons, duplicate content has been a bottle neck both for Google and Yahoo (others as well). And [...]

Tired using facebook plugins? Hate facebook ? Try Arsebook

This one’s funny ! Honestly I’m tired using those facebook applications that crop up everyday. I have to install one just because my friend installed it. And most of the times, after that 21 click process of installing one application – it turns out to be a crap and you have nothing to do other [...]