Gmail Desktop application now available

Looks like the GMail team is giving us surprises one after another. First it was the Video chat feature, and now it’s a brand new Desktop application for GMail.

According to the official blog,

On the Google Desktop gadgets team, we’ve seen countless requests for a Gmail gadget over the years. That gadget is finally here, so if you’ve got Google Desktop for Windows, give it a try.
You’ll see that it covers the basics such as reading, searching, and sending messages. You can star messages, use the same keyboard shortcuts, and we didn’t forget about contact auto-complete. It doesn’t take up much space in your sidebar or desktop, and you can also resize it to show as few or as many messages as you’d like.

gmail_desktop_gadget Try the Gmail Desktop application here.

8 Responses

  1. Thats what is so special about the development team at google.They have some surprises all the time in store for all of us.Hopefully this one gonna be a rocking application.

  2. Google is the best web application on the net :)

  3. To add to that.. now you can chat from Orkut also. I don’t know if was there for a long time but I saw that in my Orkut profile from yesterday.

  4. till date i don’t use this.
    i think its good gadget.

  5. @brijesh
    yes, even i have noticed a chat application in my orkut profile. i feel like orkut is trying to compete with Facebook here by providing applications which can attract more visitors into it from US, UK and around the world

  6. Google’s Gmail offering just gets better and better! On the subject of Orkut, which is hugely popular in India (and Brazil, apparently) it is definitely part of their agend to grow their online presence.

  7. Not a big plus for the chrome users, but Google Gadgets being an official release from google is not something to miss, I will give it a try..

  8. I don’t like the Google Sidebar except for note-taking and TODO lists. I wouldn’t certainly try to add any more gadgets to the sidebar. It helps to quickly take a note and to keep a decent TODO list.