25 SEO Gurus you should follow on Twitter

In no particular order. These are the best guys out there.


Aaron Wall
Web – SEOBook.com
Twitter Profile


Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)
Web – SEOMoz.com
Twitter Profile


Matt Cutts (Head at Google Webspam)
Web – Mattcutts.com
Twitter Profile


Barry Schwartz (Rusty Brick)
Web – Cartoonbarry.com
Twitter Profile


Brian Carter
Web -
Twitter Profile


Ann Smarty
Twitter Profile


Michael Gray
Twitter Profile


Dave Naylor
Twitter Profile


David Brown
Twitter Profile


Joost De Valk
Twitter Profile


Dev Basu
Twitter Profile


Lee Odden
Twitter Profile


Neil Patel
Twitter Profile


Andy Beal
Twitter Profile


Jennifer Laycock
Twitter Profile


Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)
Twitter Profile


Jim Boykin
Twitter Profile


Bruce Clay Inc (Company)
Twitter Profile


Andy Beard
Twitter Profile


Danny Sullivan
Twitter Profile


Jordan Kasteler
Twitter Profile


Matt Mcgee
Twitter Profile


Will Critchlow
Twitter Profile


Patrick Altoft
Twitter Profile

93 Responses

  1. Thanks for this list , Not all of them would qualify as SEO experts ……Joost de Valk is a wordpress developer , Neil Patel is owns a tech comapmy call ACS , Andy Behl own a marketing blog, Jim Boy kin owns a marketing company for training artilces…they are far from being called SEO Gurus or experts

    I ve follwed some not on my list….thanks

  2. Nice list–what was your criteria for selecting these individuals?

    I’m pretty sure @AndyBeal is much more of an Online Reputation Management Expert than an SEO pro though.

    Lyell E. Petersen

    • Mani Karthik

      Hi Lyell, I followed them from their blogs so no particular criteria except that they’re all doing or once done SEO.

  3. Wayne Marshall

    Thanks for the list.
    @ZK I think Joost is an SEO, why do you think otherwise ? Neil has a company so hes not an SEO ? Check his archives..

  4. Ok so im no guru but if its ok with Mani il drop my Twitter in here

  5. Matt McGee

    Thx for including me, appreciate it.

    Andy B. is very much an SEO expert, although in recent years his focus has been on rep. mgmt. Before that, he was a high-profile SEO. And I believe he continues to consult SEO companies on their business development.

    Jim Boykin’s and Neil Patel’s companies also offer SEO services. :)

  6. I agree with the First Comment of this blog post.

    Is Brad Called of SEO Elite on Twitter? If Yes you should include him on the list.

    Brad was my first SEO guru while I consider Joel Comm as my adsense guru.

  7. Hey there, where is the man named Mani Karthik in the list? ;-)
    Some companies should not be listed here as SEO guruz I think.
    Anyway, a very good list that shows your expertise in SEO, Mani!

    • Mani Karthik

      I’m here ..I’m here :D

      Yea, I even thought I should only be featuring the individual profiles but some of them were equally good in breaking SEO news and tips even. So…I just hope it all helps track the SEO world.

  8. I’d rather read their blogs then their tweets because I don’t really feel like reading how someone who I don’t know days went.

    But I will check out some of the blogs listed, thanks anyways.

    • Mani Karthik

      True. Even some of the superstars tweets can be boring, but I’d still follow them because we have to. :(

  9. krigsi

    I’d also add @jimboot on that list.

  10. I follow almost all these twitter-ers in the list.

    One thing I noticed and I would like to highlight here is Using the profile Pics.. I think its better to see his own face when ever there is new tweet.. Look at A… BC.. I really dont get it! even if they are big guys!

    I really enjoy following who keeps their photo on it… Its like you know this twiiter personally!

    I beleive “Its not What they Tweeting, its all about who you Following”

  11. Thanks a lot for including me in the list and for following me! Much appreciated!

  12. Jill Whelan is missing from the list?

  13. Ann Smarty is one very smart lady, and I’ve seem some awesome blog posts of hers….there are a few SEO ladies quite active at SEOmoz too….

  14. Wow. Exalted company. Thanks for including me…

  15. A lot of exciting new people to check out, thanks Mani!

  16. Mani Nice,

    Alt for both the Images ” Jim Boykin and Bruce Clay Inc (Company) ” Showing ” 18 “.

    • Mani Karthik

      Yea right, the alt tags are autogenerated based on the filenames. Iad to name them serially to maintain the order.

  17. Looks like you have a good compilation of all the experts that using Twitter out there. I wonder why you didn’t add John Chow inside there.

  18. Thanks for including me on the list Mani. I think I’m in great company. There’s a nice mix of talent here ranging from experts in ORM, Link Building, Intl. SEO, Local SEO and more.

  19. Its nice that you found and revealed :)

  20. Enig idee of Twitter daadwerkelijk helpt voor een beter positie in de zoekmachines. Voor onze autoverhuur website hebben we verschillende methodes getest, het is echter moeilijk precies vast te stellen, welke invloed Twitter op het aantal autohuur boekingen heeft. De vraag naar huurautos is door de kredietkrisis ook sterk afgenomen, zeker in landen als Spanje, Italië, Frankrijk of Portugal. Dat maakt een exacte analyse natuurlijk nog moeilijker.

  21. Wow – guess I’m late to the party! (*spent the last few weeks moving cross country) Wanted to say thanks for the mention on the list! I’ve already had a few folks find me / follow me and mention it was because of this list!



  22. What? No one from stompernet?

  23. i think u missed Mani Karthik in the list ?

  24. Thanks for the nice collection of so called twitter gurus :) I’m following few of them after going through their tweets & blogs/site.

  25. Barry Schwartz (Rusty Brick), I already follow him.

    He is excellent at SEO!

  26. I do not expect they share the seo secrets. If they do there won’t left any thing for optimization because all the things will be optimized the difference will be dramatically closed.

  27. 1) Really exciting tutorial. i loved it. Thanks for posting.

  28. Hi,

    Nice blog I have learned more

  29. You have missed one SEO Guru i.e. theseoguru who has contributed a lot to Indian SEO community.

  30. …Very informative. I am sure following these guys can really enhance your internet knowledge.


  31. Interesting list Mani.

  32. I saw “guys” in the description but see that there is a lady posted.

  33. interesting list.i like that.

  34. You forgot @GrizzlyBrears

  35. What a great list. Thanks!

  36. Just came across this list… nice and thanks for the heads up!

  37. Zach

    Just ran across this list, thanks. Forgot one of the essentials though. What about Jeremy Dearringer? Well respected, proven track record company, and progressive thinker. His twitter: http://twitter.com/Slingshot_SEO

  38. This seems to be a top notch list of the A players!

  39. Theese guys are such great hard workers. I know a few of them and I always follow their tweets.

  40. Nice list!

    Jordan Kasteler change his account to http://twitter.com/jordankasteler

  41. I want to come in above list. please give me tips for that.

  42. Greet Guys ! Its verry nice that you found ! Thanks !

  43. Nice information in one place.

  44. This post include intelligent list of SEO’s. I have already added them to my twitter account. Thanks for awesome post.

  45. Wonderful compilation of SEO gurus.///

  46. Jill Whelan is missing from the list?

  47. Barry Schwartz i already follow him.

    He is excellent at SEO!

  48. Nice. I already have some of them in my Twitter profile. Will check others. Thanks.

  49. I would say (strictly just for SEO news) that Danny Sullivan has the best Tweets and updates. More quality than quantity.

  50. Very nice list… And very usefull article. Thank you…

  51. These guys are cool and everything, but in the end you do have to be your own person and do your own testing to see what works instead of relying on so-called gurus. Not saying that you can’t learn from them, of course.

  52. I like the list and l like to know what is defination of SEO Guru?

  53. wow! great list. Thanks for sharing. I am also gonna to follow them to enhance my knowledge.

  54. Thank you for compiling this great list. I have followed everyone on it.

  55. nesiojamu kompiuteriu supirkimas

    That is very useful. Thank you very much. I will be following myself and will recommend to everyone. You can learn from them a lot.

  56. Will see about the list. Danny Sullivan – worth to read.

  57. Ramūnas Bruzgys

    All lithuanian SEO gurus getting spammy backlinks from this article?

  58. Prashant Tribhuvan

    Thanks Mani, I am following all of them

  59. Chiranjeev

    Nice list of SEO Guru and Search engine experts.
    Thanks for sharing .