9 Tools to measure your Twitter Influence & Reach !

The fun part of Twitter is not always about having lot of followers. Of course, having more followers is good, but the real fun is in getting to know more people, sharing ideas, interacting with them and basically having lots of fun. Twitter’s “Opt in” mechanism makes sure that people fall in to similar groups and interact more with similar minded folks, thanks to the “unfollow” button.

Now, if you’ve been wondering how effectively have you been communicating with your followers, here are nine cool tools that will help you find out your reach, communication effectiveness, popularity and analyze your twitter usage statistics – let’s call it Twitter Power !

1. Find out whom you Re-Tweet most / active hours etc

Awesome analysis tool. Finds your your twitter frequency, whom you re-tweet most, whom you reply to most, what times you tweet most and lots more. TweetStats


2.  Find out your Reader Outreach Power

Great tool, a bit slow, but gives you data such as your tweet frequency on a graph, tweet re-tweet count, Readers Reach etc. Twitter Analyzer

(Updated 27/9/2012: Not working at the moment)



3. Find out which Tweet gained you followers and which made you lose them

Great tool, that dishes out data not seen in many other tools. Tells you how many followers you’ve lost in the last X hours, how many you gained during that time. And also an idea of the tweets that might have helped you gain OR lose followers. Tweet Effect



4. Find your Social Capital, Velocity and Centralization on Twitter

This tool helps you find three major factors that control your influence and power on Twitter. Reach, Velocity and Social Capital. Twinfluence



5. Find out who’s the popular Twitter user in your country/ region

A very popular tool this one, tells you who’s the best in the region based on number of followers,communication, retweets, influence etc. A far more effective calculation compared to other such tools. Twitter Grader



6.  Find out your average Twitter usage over a period of time

Nice tool, this one will help you find out your twitter usage stats, how long, when and how often do you tweet at a particular time period. Nice graphics as well. Tweet Rush


7. Find out your Twitter Rank

A simple tool that will give you a “Twitter Rank” based on your trust quotient or something similar. The developer is not clear as to what the algorithm is, but is seems legit. Twitter Rank


8. Find out how many people you reached via your tweets

This analysis really makes sense. It tells you how many impressions your tweets got in a particular time frame. Tweet Reach



9.  Find your influence, signal-noise ratio and velocity

An excellent tool, that calculates your influence, quality and velocity of tweets. Lets you compare the stats with other users and generate charts ! Twitlyzer




Hope you enjoy them !

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  1. I suppose the real question is, even if you had 1,000,000 followers … does it really make a difference? I’d like to hear some honest numbers to show the actual economic impact of being popular on Twitter.

  2. What a great set of tools!

    I found your blog via your twitter page — I presume you are not really green in real life ;-)

  3. Thanks for this post. I am currently a New Guy in SEO field. I’ve used 2-3 tools out of 9 I will try all of them soon. Some of them are looking very useful.

    @ Ross – More follower> More traffic> More vistor> More Money

  4. Great set of tools mani :)

  5. So many new Twitter tools and more to come…lol.


  6. awesome ! collections mani :)

  7. Great post thank you! People often overlook a really good tool that measures influence at Kout.com. It is no affiliation to me, but in terms of measuring social media effectiveness it works for me.

  8. Of course, that comment should have read Klout.com! Whoops!

  9. Thanks for the information it was very helpful.

  10. Great list. One I’ve been working on is TunkRank (http://tunkrank.com), which is based on an algorithm similar to PageRank by Daniel Tunkelang (details: http://ow.ly/1cdkI). It measures your influence by modeling retweets and mentions that you get from your followers, their followers, and so on.

  11. Ryan

    Any way to figure out *who* stopped following you at a certain time? Like to drill into the Tweet Effect results to see who stopped following?

  12. This is a good list! We’ve been working on a tool that caters to ad agencies and measures influence, reach, sentiment and volume: http://www.tweettronics.com/twittool/features. Interactive reports are downloadable and easy to integrate into social media reporting.

  13. Mark

    twinfluence.com is a waste of time it is never available always just says they have exceeded their limit, try back in however many minutes are left til the top of the hour.

  14. Good lists of analytical tools. Already checked some of them and tried to work my way through.

    Ryan Eriksson



  15. We’ve been working on a tool that monitors social media pages activity like twitter, facebook, youtube etc..
    One dashboard,No login required!
    Unlike other Twitter tools, we do not need you to give use your login details – you should never give out your login to other parties!