9 Tips to build credibility & trust on your blog

Honestly, I’m not sure if I should write this post. Trust and credibility doesn’t come with everyone, I attach it with only selected people / blogs. So, would people take my advice ? I don’t know. Heck.. would they even consider me as trustworthy ? I’ve no clue. Nevertheless, I’m going to write down what I think is genuine, what I think is true, at least I won’t lie to myself. So here goes.

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1. Don’t BS for God sake !

Obviously. Nobody likes BS (unless its funny). So if you cant make BS fun, don’t try it.

Its better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot rather than talk and prove it.

2. Don’t repeat what you read elsewhere.

I don’t know about you, but I can easily find out if someone is copying ideas. I don’t enjoy it unless its taken a new direction or angle to it. But its best no to copy ideas, as often, the listeners are more intelligent than the speaker.

3. Don’t be so sure of what you overheard.

People love to prove others wrong. Especially when you’re talking about something that you aren’t sure of, others will pounce on you and prove you wrong. So unless you know what you’re talking, don’t. I’ve seen many bloggers (mostly in SEO) confirming things that even Matt Cutts wouldn’t. It just gives a strong signal to others that you aren’t trustworthy. Stay away.

4. Don’t try to fake it. It shows.

Believe me, its easy to spot people who fake it. They talk a lot than usual, they don’t address the real issues, they don’t answer your questions, they give you big numbers to prove their point, and they know they never can, but they try. Please don’t try to fake it, in any niche that you are. It doesn’t look good.

5. Be genuine, be simple – be loved.

And the best method to win someone’s heart is to be genuine. Be what you really are, there’s nothing wrong in saying that you are a learner or a struggler. People will appreciate you for not lying to them. Not everybody are gurus or experts in anything.

6. Be straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush.

Hope you got the point already 😀

7. Credit your sources, it’ll be appreciated.

I wish every blogger took this seriously, In blogging, there is no need to tell where or what kicked you to write this, but wouldn’t it be nice if all of us did ? I’m sure that many of us do our “research” to study things before they write the posts. But it isn’t research, its actually stealing ideas right ? Well, in a way, sort of. We all don’t do it to hurt someone, but please..I think its a nice gesture to tell to the world what inspired you to do it. Puts a smile on everyone’s face.

8. Tell them what you don’t know.

The only reason why most people stay away from this is because they are insecure. We all are insecure in one or the other way. But you know what ? The only way to beat insecurity is to try out what you fear doing. Try telling the world what you don’t know. Say it boldly. I’m pretty damn sure that nobody will discourage you. As a matter of fact, only a genuine and knowledgeable person would do it. So why not you be the one ?

9. Work hard, even if nobody shows interest, they will appreciate you later, for sure.

Lastly, even if you made all those mistakes I mentioned above, work hard, really really hard. That’s the only way to cover up your mistakes. When people see you working hard, they’d excuse you for all those mistakes. For you’re working for them through the blog, you’re passing value to them with your information.

I can relate to this fact, more than anything else above. When I started this blog, I wasn’t able to get much reviews with the posts as I was just a nobody. And only nobody listens to a nobody. :) But that didn’t keep me from working hard. Later the best reviews I received were for the archives, so all those hard work paid off, even though late.

Hope you enjoyed the read guys !

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