Find what’s being searched most on Google right now on your mobile

Google India has launched a new channel for us to find out what’s hot on Google ( most searched search phrases ) right now, right from your mobile. See it in action here

For the savvy guys out there, Google Hot Trends does a similar job by putting together a huge list of search terms that are currently being searched most on Google. Check it here.

The new “service” (not sure if it can be called one) looks different from Google trends that it des not show the same results, but it shows up a more comprehensive list of words and the content associated with it, searched most on Google India now.

Example – Check out this screenshot below where it shows a comprehensive content about “Rakhi” (A celebration here in India). Unfortunately, the Google bots couldn’t make out between the celebration Rakhi and Rakhi Sawant (The celebrity TV Show actor.) and shows up both the “rakhi” (wrist band) and “Rakhi Sawant” images.


Nevertheless, the team at Google India has done a good job putting together something for mobile users to chew on while travelling, or looking for some fun.

According to the official blog,

This feature looks at millions of queries (in an anonymized and aggregated manner) that we get every hour from Indian users and finds out what’s on top of users’ minds right now. We recompute every hour. We also show snippets of information (images, news, blogs or videos) to tell you "why" something is so interesting and popular right now.

Makes sense to me. But how (largely) different is it from Google Trends, is yet to be proved.

Official news here

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