Google thinks Bing, Dogpile & are better search engines than itself ! (Proof)

Ever wondered what Google thinks of other search engines ? The market leader is often seen as a bully, bad attitude guy who wants to have all of it right ? Not really.

Just google for “search engine” or “search” or “internet searchengine” and the results will NOT show Google anywhere on the top results. Instead, what does Google think as a better search engine ?

1 – Dogpile

2 – Bing

3 – Altavista

4 – Ask

So, Google isn’t that nasty as its perceived to be right ? Think again.

15 Responses

  1. That’s funny, but they still are the bully, bad attitude guy who wants to have it all.

  2. voiceofreason

    Well if you already searched from Google, you probably wouldn’t be in the position of needing to find a search engine…

  3. Google is Being Modest I guess…. or may it doesn’t get time to SEO itself properly….

  4. Good proof..:) but still Google is quite humble :P

  5. Well…. Google proves itself Google is not powered by Humans, and it is only powered by Robots…

    So You must purchase ads in Adwords account only .. … Not by putting gun in Google Founder’s neck.. … :)

  6. That’s pretty wild, or perhaps Google’s way of saying that your already on the best search engine just looking for something else.

  7. Very funny. For another laugh start typing “Google is..” as your search query and observe what Google Suggestions comes up with as possible choices ….. “Google is the Devil”?…Now how did they know that?

    Clark Schultz

  8. So modest searches by Google
    Possibly Google is not powered by Humans,Its all left to the sophisticated algorithms of Google for searches.
    Nice Proof,but still Google is quite humble

  9. It is just humbleness google because if you search same thing then you will not even get the correct results for the search engines. this is only the greatness of the big G.

  10. :)

    This goes for Bing also.
    But Yahoo does a better job on this – all first results are Yahoo itself.

    Probably it is the genuine untouched Google Algorithm in play. No one links to them with an anchor text ‘search’ or ‘search engine’. They are just Google and its says all. Also, they do not mention on their page that they are a search engine.
    But an SEO advice should be to do a proper keyword research. People would normally not search for a search engine, unless they are SEOs :D

  11. I don’t think so Mani. They behaves so humble than any other search engines. They know, there is no need to promote their self.

  12. great post mani. Really you prove that google is not number one search engine. I think google search engine giant giving chance to others. It’s google kindness. ha ha ha

  13. sorry but when i searched the keywords i found different result
    for “search engine” : ( 4th position) , ( 8th position)
    for “search” : (3rd position) , ( 5th position)
    for “internet search engine” 7th position)

  14. Smart move since I think most people would not want to search for Google to search for Google. It would be like looking for yourself.

  15. Hmmm…In the meta data of bing and all there is the word “search”…

    In the source code of Google home page,its hard to find the word search!

    The page need some SEO! :P :P :P

    May be they use the word “google” instead of search…Nowadays both are same na?