10 Awesome Social Media Presentations by thought leaders of the Industry

When the majority of the web is only talking about Social Media, there are actually a bunch of guys who’re using it, utilizing it and practicing it as part of their strategies, like Social Media agencies for instance. These guys are thought leaders in the field, and while other BS, they give insights about it and practical examples of how social media is implemented and executed in the current market. These presentations are just plain awesome. Here we are with the 15 amazing presentations on social media strategies, some of them dealing with what social media is, while some deal with how to integrate social media to niche industries. Quite honestly

1. Social Media 2010: Competitive Advantage and Survival

2. What can we learn from the Obama Social Media campaign

3. What the F**k is Social Media ?

4. Social Media in Asia

5. Web 3.0 – This time its personal

6. Content Strategy for Social Media

7. How to make the best use of SEO and Social Media

8. Brand Promotion and Reputation Management with Social Media

9. How to Build Social Media Presence with Facebook and Twitter

10. Social Media for Realtors

These are presentations with amazing ideas and value, though we’re all on the learning curve, information and insights like these sure helps on any day.

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