10 Image Search Engine alternatives to Google Images

If you are the type who rely on Google Images when it comes to finding images on the internet, you’re on the wrong side. Honestly, Google Images is crap. There are better image search engines out there that does a far better job that Google. Don’t believe me ? Here is a comprehensive list of them, try them out yourself.

1.  Alamy images

Don’t let that Google style image search fool you. They’ve got the largest collection of stock images on the internet today (and you didn’t know right ?), 18.2 million to be precise. That includes all sorts of images including vectors, photographs, 3d etc and their search engine is pretty impressive. Try it out.


2. Pic Search

Pic search does a better search of the web, finding you images in a simplified search format showing the file size and dimensions. There is an advanced search as well that gives you access to further refinements.


3.  Photobucket

This one is a popular image storage space online, and many of you might have already used it. But not many knows that it lets you search for images from within its storage space. It lets you search images in various categories like icons, photographs, albums etc. You can find many gems here.


4. iStockphoto

“The” stock photo search engine that gives you access to millions of stock photos and for the cheapest rate you can find, starting from $1. What impresses me is the variety of images available in each category and the versatile search engine.


5. Top Pictures

Top Pictures is an interesting image search engine that lets you search images from all over the internet through various free image hosts. You can select from various categories and content types.

6. Stock Xchng

This is a great image search engine that lets you search from thousands of completely free stock images. Images mostly are in high resolution with no copyright issues what so ever.


7. Tin Eye

Tin Eye is a reverse search engine, that will take you by surprise. What it does is that it lets you upload an image OR give the URL of an image you know from the web and it will find matching images to that image from the web. Awesome stuff !


8. Free Foto

Free foto is a free image search engine, and one of the best ones out there. FreeFoto.com is made up of 129902 images with 172 sections organized into 3555 categories. You can use any photo you find there on your site provided you link back to the source.


9. Go Graph

This is a search engine for icons and such graphic stuff, not photos really. But they are very good at finding graphic interfaces related stuff like icons, animated gifs, wallpapers, arrows etc and best at that.


10. Every Stock Photo

This is one of the best search engine for stock photos. It finds you stock photos based on creative common license and is free to non-commercial uses. Its best for a picture researcher as it offers tool like “collections” to save your searched images. Highly recommended.


So next time you are pissed off with Google images, you know where to head. ;)

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  1. glad tht u posted it..was looking for alternatives..alamy looks good, even flickr maybe & the its TinEye in title (H2 TAGS) u hv written Tiny Eye

  2. What about the search option at Creative Commons? That gives image search for pictures that you *know* you can use without getting into trouble, and also lets you search for CC music and video as well, none of which have any trademark/copyright issues.

    You can even narrow the search down to stuff that you can use commercially or derive works from.


  3. Thanks Mani. Can’t wait to let rip on these sites. Google Images never seems to deliver what I want.
    Again, it’s not for photos but the below is great for simple web graphics, especially thinks like social media icons etc.


  4. Wow! did not know there are so many. Wonderful information for those who use images in articles and blogs.

  5. Thank you for this great information.
    However, these site all require user to purchase photos.

  6. Checking all one by one.

  7. Wow! did not know there are so many. Wonderful information for those who use images in articles and blogs.

  8. Some of them are realy nice !
    Personnaly I use http://www.exalead.fr/search/image/

  9. mark

    try netvue

  10. Try http://www.qualityimagesearch.com – They cut out all the rubbish results.

  11. Found a new one http://www.imagesbox.com/
    Also good for adult search.

  12. johnathan

    oooh, check out http://www.allourstock.com — all free for personal and commercial use

  13. Dudu

    http://www.photoree.com relevant and high quality creative commons images

  14. Fantastic list of very useful image search engines. Thanks for your hard work!

  15. Sabuj Shikder

    I think you need to change your article quality.

  16. also a good new one i found is http://pixdonkey.com

  17. Nice share
    but Google update image feature
    Now Google is better than anyone

  18. okay i do agree with you that most of these are good search sources for images. But i have used baidu, yandex and Google image search. now i think these three search engines have some serious depth and unlimited quality images. just my two cents