Who are the most influential people on social media ?

Wait, first – who do you think is an influential guy ?

If my guess is right, most people think that the person with the most number of followers is. Technically, I can’t disagree. Obviously the more you have the merrier.

But study shows that the number game isn’t really what it is. Its beyond numbers.

Companies measure influence in social media by metrics like engagement value, carrier value, message reach and community influence and most importantly credibility.

Hmm, that’s a tough game altogether right ?

I think I agree to it. Its definitely got to be beyond the numbers.

So, how do you measure influence on social media ?

Well, luckily, there’s someone who does it the right way, so that we don’t have to.

Klout. I’ve seen Klout’s growth from its start. It’s always remained different from the regular non-authentic guys out there. Their algos are more reliable and accurate – not to mention, makes sense completely !

I know what you might be thinking no. They have an arrangement with me and I grade on top of their lists. No (Wish if I did.) !

Klout has a very genuine measurement scale, and the reason why I trust them is because, the obvious bogus, valueless profiles don’t appear on them at all, while it does everytime on others.

Its speculative as to what “valueless” means.

In my opinion, a person who has no tweets at all, and someone who’s got a million followers but no replies/mentions/engagement at all is probably as good as nothing.

So, the crux is in how authentic and how credible you are with the people.

Ask yourself these questions.

– will people listen to you when you make a comment ?

– Will they buy a product you recommend ?

– Do they look up on you for advice ?

– Do they think you’re a reliable source of information ?

Those are the kind of questions one should ask himself before declaring him as a “Social Media Expert” !


Thanks to the folks at Klout – they have an amazing tool that does all the calculation for you.

Put in your name and see what you’re worth.

As for me, I like tough games. :)

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