Major Indian telecom company BSNL’s official website hacked !

In the latest in India – Pakistan cyber wars, a group claiming to be “Urdu Hackers” have hacked into the BSNL, Punjab official website, which is India Governments official Telecom services agency.

Its a state-owned telecommunication enterprise in India. BSNL is the third largest cellular service provider, with over 66.88 million customers as of June 2010 and the largest land line telephone provider in India.

The hackers who call themselves “Urdu hackers” claims to be from Pakistan (via Email). The private data from the website have been downloaded – claims the group.


The Punjab BSNL website shows a “Down for maintenance” status at the moment. The above video was emailed to me, which confirms the groups responsibility.

More updates soon.

8 Responses

  1. I doubt if they have done this from Pakistan shores as the country is heavily flooded now and infrastructure won’t be in that top shape. But they might have done it from an anonymous country thats for sure.

  2. It’s better off to have such a site down with such a terrible design. I still wonder why such a profitable company doesn’t make enough efforts to get some safety measures done. :(

  3. There seems to be a lot of really good hackers in Middle East. It is impressing what sites they’ve hacked in the past year considering that many of them still run on 56k internet.

  4. Adam

    but why did they e-mail you?

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