How to Add Google Reader Feeds to Flipboard : #iPad Hack

Okay, let me put it short and sweet. Flipboard is the revolutionary app that sits on every iPad.

Its a beautiful app with a different perspective and an effective way of presenting the otherwise confusing, over-sized, disorganized data from your social channels.

It picks up your social media networks and presents the news and links shared by your friends in a “readable” format. Well, you knew that already. But one feature that’s missing in Flipboard is the ability to import Google Reader feeds directly. All it does is integrate with your Twitter and Facebook account.

A vast majority of geeks, use Google Reader to subscribe to websites, so its obvious that any RSS Feed reader app should have it integrated. Slide Reader, one of the best RSS News Reader app for the iPad already supports Google Reader import and is planning Google Reader Sync in its next update.

So for Flipboard, its high time they integrated Google Reader to their accounts supported. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support it, but worry not. We have a work around, thanks to Rick Klau.

Rick has a new work around that will let you import your Google Reade feeds directly (well almost) to Flipboard.

This is how it goes.

1.Make a public Google Reader folder

Go to “Manage Subscriptions”, check the box next to the folder in Google Reader that you want to read in Flipboard, and then select “Public” in the “Change sharing” drop-down.

Google Reader on Flipboard

2. Set up a FeedBurner feed for the public folder

For this, grab the RSS feed of the public URL and create a new feed in Feedburner.

3. Create a new Twitter account

In FeedBurner, click the “Publicize” tab and then “Socialize”. Now, connect your feed to your newly created Twitter account. As your feed publishes new items, they will get added to the FeedBurner feed (from the public URL), and as FeedBurner publishes new items it will be available on your new Twitter account.

Google Reader Integration Flipboard4. Add your Twitter account to Flipboard

Click “Add a section”, “Add a custom section” and then type in your Twitter accoun. Done !

A pretty neat hack this one, try it out until Flipboard brings in direct Google Reader integration.

Thanks to Rick, read the full post here.

5 Responses

  1. Jim

    It’s Flipboard… Not FlipBoard, not Flip Board. Good grief, other than using cut and paste from another site, you misspelled the name of the app every time in various ways. Spelling counts when it comes to the name of the subject of post.

  2. Suggestion: Instead of using feedburner, create a feed at using the rss link from the public google reader feed you create.