Imation Link Review – Wireless streaming device

Not all the time do you get excited getting your hands on a gadget. There are some gadgets which are so innovative that when you use them, you say – “Now this is what I really want !”

The Imation Link is one such device. Let me explain why.

If you’re the type who downloads movies over the internet, or better yet store a lot of them on your PC/Laptop, or let’s just say need an additional monitor as big as the TV in your living room, then don’t even think, just go grab the Imation Link. Because that’s what it does.

The Imation Link connects your computer (PC, Laptops on Windows and Macs) to your TV through wireless streaming technology. It has two pieces. One – the USB dongle, which you plug on to your source (PC/Laptop). And there’s another piece – the reciever. Which is a sleek looking device that plugs to your HDMI cable port on the TV. Now you can pair both the devices easily using the installation software that comes along with the device.

Once paired, you get an additional monitor on your TV (Two modes are available, a) Extended monitor mode or b) Direct duplication mode). Now drag and drop your movie window to your TV monitor and start playing what ever you want. Movies, work, games whatever !

The biggest USP of this device is that it can stream from very long distances of up to 4 meters ! And there is no lag what so ever. You can either play the sound through your source itself or the TV.

As for me, its an amazing product for its usefulness. A simple idea executed so well !


- Stream video up to 720p HD Video and still images up to 1080p.
- Stereo sound
- 30 Foot line distance.
- You can use direct streaming or additional monitor mode.
- Compatible with Windows and Mac
- USB 2.0

More details about the Imation Link here

10 Responses

  1. It looks great , but its price its too high. There are many multimedia HDD who offer almost the same functionality .

  2. I use the A.C.Ryan mutimedia ( not only I can connect to all of my HHD’s in my wireless network as I can use it to even download the torrents directly from my TV.

  3. Its a cool device, the clarity of HD is great.

  4. does it have a av out or so for those who do not have a HDMI port? :)

  5. Now you do paid review? Well, that’s such a great things because your review is open minded and gentle.

  6. Good post Mani. It wouldn’t be fun to try and watch a movie with friends gathered around my PC. I have a decent size DVD collection so this doesn’t come up. Maybe if I subscribe to NetFlix one day… Thanks for the info.

  7. Paul

    I purchased one of these last week. I was very excited about it for the first couple of days – it really did work ok for streaming video from a pc to an hdtv. However, within a week of owning this device, it has completely stopped working. The notification stopped appearing on the taskbar, and no amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers will help at all. The imation Link looks like fun, but its not worth it – it will die on you quickly. And what’s worse – imation’s support is pretty much non-existent.

  8. Imation Link Wireless Audio/Video Extender Review. PC or Mac ready. Perfect! This wireless Imation media streaming device is easy to navigate.
    Thank You

  9. Now thats a cool device, great write up.