Does blog commenting still work as a link building method ?

From the type of comments I receive daily (and I’m sure you do as well), two things are obvious.

1 – Either blog commenting still works OR

2 – It doesn’t work but people still believe and are trying.


Blog commenting is different from Blog spamming

Blog commenting in fact is a nice way to build traffic to your site, if you do it extensively and in the right manner with lot of focus. But what we see typically are not focused attempts, rather quick jobs where they plug in the primary keyword and write something random irrelevant to the website content. This is not blog commenting, but blog spamming.

The right way to build traffic through blog commenting

1 – Focused strategy

Spent a lot of time on the content, reading it, understanding what it is about. Do not copy paste your template replies like “Great content. Loved it!”. It easily will be detected for spam.

2 – Do not use meaningless terms as username

For getting anchor text benefit for the keyword, many people use their keyword itself as the username. Big mistake. Use only real names as much as possible. Additionally, you can add/tweak it to include the keyword may be, but leaving the keyword alone is a major put off.
Ex: Good name : Your Name (From this blog[Keyword])
Ex: Bad name : Keyword

3- Leave meaningful comments

Even if you left a bad username, it would be excused if you have a relevant comment. This is why reading the article is important. Write insightful comments and even if your username looked spammy it would be excused unless it’s a really bad name.

4 – You do not get link juice or text link advantage

Many a times, webmasters who do this are under the impression that a blog comment will work like a text link to them. No. It doesn’t. All you could get is some traffic. And that too only if you leave relevant comments. Mostly links are nofollowed on commenting platforms so don’t assume that you’re sourcing page rank.

5 – Comment on relevant articles that are related to your site/product

Okay, so you’re anyways trying to get some traffic and attention so rather than blindly commenting at top PR blogs, target those relevant ones that are related to your product. For example if you have an iPhone application to sell, google search related product reviews and forum discussions and comment there with insights on how your product is different or what you’re trying to do. Since the content there are already related to your product, whatever attention you get there would be relevant and will add value to you and the content source.

So essentially, the point is that blog commenting does not work as a link building method when you compare to other link building methods. However it can add value to your content if you place them cleverly on such platforms that can on a long term period give you attention. Blind blog commenting on various top PR blogs just to get link juice is an outdated idea. I wish if it worked.

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  1. Navin R. Johnson

    Good post, but points 4 and 5… g00gle likes to see some nofollow links to round out your linking profile and relevancy is proven to be highly overrated in practice. Gardening blogs here I come! :)

  2. I’m having long term doubt regarding this Commenting system. I read about this in some Link Building book “Commenting on do-follow blogs is only a temporary Link Building Strategy as its gets drowned once the post gets old and drives no traffic”
    But, It will be same in the case of Forums regardless its traffic or Backlink. once the article or thread becomes old, do they loose their prominence?

  3. Well, I say it still works because my blog has gain some pageranks because of blog commenting

  4. wordpress is nofollow as default, you might get some traffic by commenting some useful information but does not too much help with the SEO part..

  5. Great post Mani, some great tips on posting comments on blogs!

  6. Petty

    what is approve rate you get when you comment the blog? Most of people fear of spammer and they usually not approving the comments.

  7. Well, no-follow links DO count in the Yahoo or Bing SEO. Needless to say, Google does count the value of a no-follow link in certain cases. So, it’s yet decided!

  8. I think id does still work, if i check back links with Google webmaster tools i can, for example, see links from dailybloggr. I can also see some association with anchor text as well. I agree the effect is only a small part of the overall effort needed.
    What is does do well is help get a new site listed very quickly, which i now you have covered in another of your excellent articles.

  9. hmm read the post … my question is am i wasting time commenting on high pr commentluv blogs ? is tere a way to figure out that the comment system is nofolow or dofollow ? :roll:

  10. Comment is a great marketing strategy. But if you only spam comment for link juice, your strategy will turns out to kill your blog

  11. I suppose one of the difficult things about using blog comment as a way to build traffic is getting your priority’s straight. If you’re specifically going to blogs to comment on the content for seo purposes its hard not to skim the article and comment. I suppose its hard to balance actual interest and seo practices when doing so.

  12. I’m glad I came across this article Karthik. It’s been an interesting debate at times with the approach to blog commenting adding value in a link building strategy nowadays. 5 years ago, where the main value would have been the focus on having a dofollow link for PR, its gone beyond that and your point on traffic generation is now one of the primary focuses of this type of strategy these days.

  13. Irrelevant comments are waste of time. It wont give any backlinks and it wont bring any traffics. But Google and Yahoo can consider the no-follow link as a backlink and it gives some important to this links also.So do blog commenting in relevant post with relevant comments. If you do it properly you can ranked well easily in Google.

  14. With the SEs being so secretive, one can only speculate as what importance comment linking and other nofollow attributes. I do have a hunch that it may provide some relevance to SERPs and overall ranking, albeit a small one. As another poster commented – a good rounding out of incoming links across multiple sources can only be a good thing. While 10,000 blog comment links can only ever be bad!

  15. So, in essence, a blog commenting have rules too.
    What I see lately, many bloggers who commented on the other blog that is not related to the him/her blog category.

  16. yes of course. I do believe it is still working nowadays. I still practice this at the moment.

  17. I think it still works.

  18. I’ve made a lot of good connections through commenting on other blogs. I have gotten some people to even guest post on my blog because we’ve started a conversation on the comments section on another blog and it blossomed into a relationship.

    I also don’t leave comments on just blogs in my niche. I read a lot of different blog and like to comment. You never know what might come of it.

  19. Nice blog, very informative and helpful, really liked it and I am always ready to read this type of blogs . Thanks

  20. I am running a wordpress site and I am rcvng daily hundreds of irrelevant comments ! Should I approve those comments ? R they better to bring more traffic for my site ? Anyone help please !


  21. I agree with all you say, but I put primary kw on profile name

  22. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff just before and youre just too awesome. I really like what youve got here, enjoy what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to maintain it intelligent. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really an excellent weblog.

  23. As a blogger myself, I would assume that high pr do follow back links are obviously going to help, but what is the point of no follow back links? Direct traffic! Think about it, 5 hits on one blog, another 5 hits on another blog, the more traffic the better! Isn’t that why you wanted to get in the SERPS anyway?

  24. Actually i have not enough knowledge about how to put a comment in a blog. After reading your article, now i am much familiar with blog commenting. You have done a great job here.

  25. is it really necessary to comment on relevant category in order to achieve search engine ranking? I believe blog commenting is small factor for link building. one can follow this method in an appropriate way. corrent me if i am wrong mr Mani.

  26. It is a fact that blog comments are still a valid way of promotion. In my experience, I have found out that getting good links from comments still work. And better where those links come from a blog that removed the nofollow attribute in their comments.

    However, it is important to keep in mind where to post your comments on. It is not just about leaving a senseless comment but adding a valuable comment in exchange for a good link. Moreover, if you leave a good comment, the blog owner may check out your site and perhaps link back to you in article.

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    I say it still works because my blog has gain some pageranks because of blog commenting. yea.

  28. If not implemented the right way how to comment and get the benefits to our blog, can be next day we will have negative effects such as being labeled as a comment spammer.
    Thanks for posting the above, I will always try to follow the advice of your …