Internet declares war on Louis Vuitton

When Nadia Plesner, a Netherlands based artist put up an art on her website the other day, Darfurnica, little did she know that its going to hit headlines.

According to Nadia,

My latest work, Darfurnica, is a modern version of Picasso’s Guernica. In our time, the boundaries between the editorial and advertising departments in the media are disappearing and entertainment stories about the lives of Hollywood celebrities have become breaking news. Apparantly a genocide in Darfur can be happening RIGHT NOW without being important enough to make headlines. This is unacceptable and I refuse to turn the blind eye to what is happening.
In Darfurnica I have mixed some of the horrible stories I have learned about Darfur over the past years with some of the Hollywood gossip stories which made headlines during the same time period.

Nadia Plesner

Image Courtesy – Nadia Plesner 
Now, Louis Vuitton has sued her for using the image of a bag that closely resembles an LV bag in the art.

As I returned to Holland in the beginning of February, I had received a verdict in a new court case started by Louis Vuitton. They are very angry about the bag that the boy in the middle is carrying. They claim again that I infringe their design rights on the pattern used in their "audra" bag and they had the court in Hague put 5000 euro penalties for each day I continue to show this painting on my website or in galleries or anywhere else. They have been counting since January 28, so at the moment the amount is higher than 220.000 euros (!)

Apparently, LV is concerned that she uses their brand for creating a negative image. While the artist was trying to depict the ironies of life showing how insensitive we are about human rights but at the same time concerned about design and copyrights.

Now, the interesting point is that, soon after LV files a law suit against Nadia, the internet and discussion boards are being populated with anti-LV stories showing how stupid and evil the corporation is with their current stand. There have been open callouts for retaliations from anonymous users like this.

Operation Skankbag Louis Vuitton

Operation Skankbag is in full swing on the internet and social media networks now with people posting pictures ridiculing the LV brand.

Beautiful Louis Vuitton Bag

One more example that shows how the internet and social media is easily chosen as the medium of protest and retaliation today.

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