How to customize the Facebook Like Button [Workaround]

If I were to ask how many of you wished you could skin the default facebook like button, almost all of you would raise your hands !

Admit it, the default facebook like button is kinda stupid in its design.

Reason 1 – Everybody knows its a stupid like button, so unless they’re really impressed with your blog/site they wouldn’t bother clicking on your like button.

Reason 2-  Everybody has the same like button and yours is no different.

So customizing your facebook like button is the only way to make it stand out from the rest and make people click it. (Of course, if you have a kick ass blog with amazing content good enough to convince someone then you don’t really need this.)

How to custom design the facebook like button ?

Before we go any further, please understand that customizing the facebook like button is not recommended by facebook. (Yes, they want you to use the same button with the same codes, how lame!)

There are several tutorials to get this done however.

Converting the facebook like button to a clickable button.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to custom design a facebook button using little CSS tricks and masking it for any other regular button. You can make it look like any other button using an image.

When the user clicks the button they’re actually clicking the like button and a status notification is posted on their facebook profile where it says that they’re liking your page.

Try it out, should work fine.

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