How to hack WiFi Passwords

Everybody is on WiFi now. Your neighbor, offices, public places..everywhere. In this post, we’ll se how easily you can hack WiFi passwords of any WiFi network.

First off, let me tell you that this is illegal and you shouldn’t hack WiFi passwords of your neighbors, offices or any other network you are not authorized to access.. This post will however tell you how to hack a WiFi password and test your WiFi security. That is you set your own WiFi password and then test it if its prone to hack by others or not. So that you can make it secure before some finds out.

Okay, so the project is called Pyrit. It is an open source project supporting multiple platforms. The project’s goal is to estimate the real-world security provided by the WiFi WEP protocols. Pyrit does not provide binary files or wordlists and does not encourage anyone to participate or engage in any harmful activity. This is a research project, not a cracking tool.


Pyrit is free software – free as in freedom. Everyone can inspect, copy or modify it and share derived work under the GNU General Public License v3+. It compiles and executes on a wide variety of platforms including FreeBSD, MacOS X and Linux as operation-system and x86-, alpha-, arm-, hppa-, mips-, powerpc-, s390 and sparc-processors.

The software is basically a bruteforce kind of attempt that tests WiFi networks for security by hacking them. Please note that the community strongly urges that this software is not used for any harmful activity against anyone and remain only as an experiment to test your network security. You can find more details here.

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