Google Propeller App: The next big thing from Google?

Looks like, after Google Plus, the next big thing getting ready at the Google stable is (if Kara Swisher is right), Google Propeller.


Yesterday when Robert Scoble posted about it on Google Plus, little did the world know that it was big. But when Kara posted more details, we knew this was going to be awesome.

According to Kara, Propeller is a souped-up version of similar reader apps such as Flipboard and Pulse.

9to5 Google, goes a step further and unveils more details.

It says that publishers will be able to inject AdSense ad units into Propeller editions of their publications and collect user and usage info via email and Google Analytics, respectively. Sources told that publishers could even be able to sell individual articles to readers for a small fee, collected via the Google Checkout mechanism.

So, if the rumors are true, we have a winner here.

Flipboard like interface, Pulse like news reader, Possibly Google Plus integration and AdSense integration + paid subscription model. Sure looks promising, like the next app store or something.

Let’s wait for further details.

Meanwhile, what do you think would exactly be Google Propeller?

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