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Why Press Releases will not help you in SEO

I’m sure you would’ve come across several online marketing folks who would insist to do a Press Release every couple of months (sometimes even every week) and gladly spent thousands of dollars on it. Little do they know that Press Releases are a waste of time, if you don’t use them the right way. And [...]

What is SEO Website Authority & How to build it?

In online marketing,  we often hear this word “Website Authority” repeated time and again. Especially from Google folks! Website authority remains a vague word (like many other phrases) even today. All we have are clues that suggests what it might mean for a website. It’s a mix of social media metrics, search engine optimization and [...]

Invest in Social Media now: Get the benefits later

Or regret. When ever I talk to brands about leveraging social media (sounds cliché eh?) for SEO, people have this “Oh no! Not again…” look on their faces. “We’ve tried it. Never worked!” – quips one. And they’re right. But they were mis-informed probably, that they left it soon. Here’s the thing. Gone are those [...]

Google plays scare-tactics with webmasters again

Google’s latest algorithm change has left webmasters puzzled. Like always, Google is using its scare-tactics to webmasters, to drive the point. This time, if your website is “infested” with advertisements, your site is going down the drain in no time, better clean them up before the big G screws you. Matt Cutts, posted an article [...]

How to build your freelance business brand

“Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.” – Bertrand Russell Market is HUGE. Competition is hard. And if you want to rise above the rest and attract MORE clients in NO time, you have to “show” you are the best. Did you notice something there? I didn’t say [...]

In-house Online Marketing team for brands

In-house or Outsourced SEO? Long debated question. If you have a brand and assuming that you’re serious with its online marketing efforts, there is no one good reason, why you shouldn’t have an in-house SEO team. You could be an established company with several brands, a start up, or a media agency. Having an in-house [...]

Why Google might regret over Panda, now that its nearing its anniversary

Although Google has been implementing thousands of changes to its algorithm every now and then (which every SEO wish they knew), there has never been one as notorious as Google Panda. The Panda update was a series of known and unknown changes in the Google algorithm starting from around February 22nd, 2011. There has been [...]

SEO will not save your website unless..

So, I was talking to this website owner the other day. His site had a problem. Couple of years ago, his site was ranking number one for certain keywords, but recently he has dropped significantly in ranks and newer websites have taken over on Google for the same keyword. It was a pretty authoritative website [...]

2012 Election News & Trends on Google

Keeping its tradition of supporting the elections, Google today announced its exclusive 2012 News upate section. Google News launched an Elections section on its homepage which will organize and present elections coverage as it grows through the general election – Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Elections section will be visible by default for all US [...]

3 Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips Often Ignored

When you go through search engine optimization audits for different websites, you can find that there seems to be a pattern in many of the less-optimized websites. Most of the times, certain SEO elements are ignored because they are not perceived as important as others. Sadly, had these SEO metrics been taken care of, it [...]