Single URL search results on Google: Mistake?

So, lately I’ve noticed that on certain search terms (couldn’t categorize them,so let’s say random), there occurs a single URL search result on Google. I mean, search results with just the URL, no meta tags, no page title nothing!

If I’m not wrong, there have been no such occurrences earlier on Google. Here’s an example.

Search for “wifi internet card” on Google, and I get this results page.


The URL that pops up is not even a static URL. Click on it and it will take (redirect) you to a dynamic page (possibly a shopping cart).

Here’s the actual URL it points to.

I tracked the link and found that another webpage was linking to this page (the above URL) with the same keyword I searched (mobile broadband). Nothing strange there, except that the text link wasn’t visible on the linking page ( However, you can see the link from the source code.

<div class="portfolio"><ul class="arrow">

<li><a href="">Mobile Broadband</a></li><li><a href="">Mobile Broadband Built-in</a></li><li><a href="">Mobile Broadband Connect</a></li><li><a href="">Verizon Wi-Fi Access</a></li><li><a href="">VZAccess Manager</a></li></ul>

So, I wasn’t sure if this was deliberate from Verizon or a mistake by Google. So, I dug further, and look what I found.


One more.

This results however takes you to a no results page.

I couldn’t find anything particularly wrong with the URL listings, but wonder how they appear on Google where there are better formatted pages. It looks more like a slip through to me.

If it is strong backlinks and authority, that makes them appear on first page then we’re seeing a clear over ride of other onsite factors. But Google is always clear that they never supported any one SEO factor like backlinks or onsite factors. Even if they did, there will be more questions on why these pages are on the first page in the first place.

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