Advice / Life Hacks · August 29, 2018

How to Become A Kickass Party Planner

Ever wanted to become an event planner? Done right, it’s a very lucrative business, and it’s lots of fun too. If you have a passion for organizing events and have an eye for style then you might just hack it as a party planner. To be successful, you have to keep your customers happy and constantly improve your offering. Below are some timely tips on how to become a party planner.

1. Build Empathy and Connect with Your Clients

Build Empathy and Connect with Your Clients

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In the events industry, one way to thrive is to allow your emotions to be involved. You need to bring your personality and character into every event you plan. You also need to be empathetic towards your clients. This is the best way to understand the needs of your client and ensure you meet each one of them. Also, being empathetic allows you to build a better relationship with your clients.

2. Sharpen Your Skills in Planning Different Types of Events

Sharpen Your Skills in Planning Different Types of Events

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There are so many types of events ranging from big wedding events to small, intimate birthday parties. For you to succeed, people need to know that they can depend on you to plan any type of party. Therefore, have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to plan any kind of event. Always research current event trends to ensure you are always planning the best parties.

3. Always Communicate

Always Communicate

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It is important to communicate with your client effectively. Ensure that they are always well informed of the progress in the party planning. Listen to any requests they may have that weren’t discussed in the previous meetings. When a client feels appreciated and that their ideas and opinions matter, they will want to keep coming back to you for any event planning. This is how to make and retain clients.

4. Gather Your References

Gather Your References

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Even after you have successfully planned an event, it is important to keep in touch with your clients. You can also ask if they mind if you use them as references to new clients. This way, you can build confidence with your future clients as people always like hearing from previous clients.

5. Build A Portfolio

Build A Portfolio

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For every event you plan, ensure you have the clients’ permission to take photos for your portfolio. Images are a great way of showcasing what you are capable of doing. Showcasing photographs of previous events that you’ve planned is a good way to close with every client who comes to you.

6. Be Budget Oriented

Be Budget Oriented

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For you to make a profit from your party planning business, you need to learn how to work with a budget. Pay attention to the overall cost of the event and the design you choose to go with. Make sure to stay within the budget.  You need to find a balance between planning extraordinary events within the budgets you set out to work with. You can always rent out party supplies at affordable prices from Party Rentals GTA. You’ll get amazing deals for some of the items you need to plan a successful party.