Advice / Life Hacks · July 11, 2018

What to Do After You’ve Been Injured on The Job

Workplace accidents are a common occurrence. While measures may be taken to prevent personal injury at work from occurring, there are times when accidents are unpreventable. The best way to deal with workplace accidents is to be prepared to deal with any eventuality. Here are the steps to take after being in an accident at work.

1.      Report the Injury

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It is very important that an employee reports an accident to the employer as soon as it happens. This will make it easier for the injured employee to claim for workplace accidents benefits. Most compensation cases are rejected by insurance companies because they were not promptly reported when they occurred.

2.      Let the Health Care Provider Know That It Is A Workplace Accident

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When you go to seek medical care after a workplace accident, you need to inform the care provider that you sustained the injuries while at work. This information should be recorded in your medical notes file from the initial visit. In most cases, insurance companies and employers deny liability if the medical records do not have an indication of where the injuries were sustained.

3.      Serve Your Employer with A Written Notice

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Informing your employer about the injury by word of mouth is not enough. You need to send a written notice on form 18. This form includes details of the injury including the date the injury was sustained. You need to present this form to your place of work as soon as you can after the accident. Keep a copy of the same for your personal records. If your employer does not provide the form 18, Futerman Partners attorneys can be of help.

4.      Keep Records

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After the workplace accident, you will miss days at work and incur extras expenses because of the injury. It is important that you keep a record of the expenses and the days you miss from work. All this information plays a vital role in your compensation claim. Also, find out the laws in your state governing employee compensation from personal injuries sustained at work. You also should be compensated for any travel expenses you’ve had to incur while seeking medical attention. You need to fill a form 25T to be able to get this compensation. Again, a qualified attorney can guide you through the process of filing for compensation.

5.      Get A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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Going through the compensation claim process without an attorney is confusing and very stressful. If you sustain a personal injury at work, you need to find a personal injury attorney to help with the litigation process.

A lawyer is best placed to ensure that your case undergoes all the necessary steps to qualify for a claim. An attorney will be able to handle the insurance companies and push for a fair compensation. All these are processes that can be hard to handle alone while at the same time trying to recover from the accident.