Life Hacks · April 24, 2018

 5 Problems Caused by Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium. These are natural salts that are essential for human body development. Even so, too much of these minerals in water makes it difficult for humans to use it. Here are some of the disadvantages of hard water in your home.

  1. Faded Laundry

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Iron and calcium are minerals found in hard water. When the water is mixed with laundry detergents, the chemicals can react causing the color in clothing to be compromised. This results in fading. Sometimes hard water leaves a rusty, chalky stain on laundry. It also leaves the clothes fabric feeling scratchy and stiff.

  1. Spots in Dishes

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Another common disadvantage of hard water is the negative effect it has on your dishes. Even after a long clean wash, hard water will still leave the dishes with stain spots. The plates will still have a grody look and the water glasses will have streaks or specks on them. You may decide to give them another wash but the result will be the same. These are cud stains caused by the reaction of the minerals in the water and dishwashing agents.

  1. Tubs That Are Hard to Clean

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If your household has a hard water problem, you are required to clean your sinks and tabs more regularly than you would if you had soft water. This is because hard water causes scam, which can leave the sinks and tabs looking filthy. You will need to put in a bit more effort to clean the residue left behind by hard water. This is because the stains are resistant to cleaning agents. With regular cleaning, you will have less residue to work with and you will always have clean sinks and tabs.

  1. Dull Hair and Dry Skin

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Hard water also has some negative effects on your hair. This is because the mineral deposits are left in your hair even after a good rinse. These minerals eventually diminish your hair’s natural shine and cause a buildup on your scalp. These minerals also block moisture from reaching your hair follicles and this eventually causes your hair to dry out. To ensure this does not happen, do not shampoo or rinse your hair for longer than is needed as this introduces more minerals to your hair.

Bathing with hard water also causes skin dryness. This is also because of the buildup of these chemicals on the surface of your skin. Once you have taken a shower, ensure you moisturize your skin adequately to avoid issues caused by skin dryness.

  1. A Buildup in The Plumbing Lines

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One of the greatest disadvantages of hard water is the residue it leaves in your faucets. This poses a great problem for the plumbing system in your home. If you notice a plumbing problem, it is probably because of the buildup of these minerals along the pipes. This buildup will eventually restrict adequate water flow and eventually cause clogging in water heaters and other appliances.