Advice / Featured / Lifestyle · October 7, 2018

6 Problems Poor Digestion Creates in Body Areas Other Than Your Stomach

You may be surprised to know that poor digestion does not simply affect your stomach, intestines and digestive system. When you cannot digest your food properly you miss out on all positive effects healthy food has on your system.

As the body’s digestive center controls every functioning system in your body, it might be in your best interest to discover other ways digestion affects how you view the world. Here are a few things to get you started on your own research study.

1. Poor Digestion Leads to Poor Sleep

  • If you find you toss and turn because you have a sour stomach, it may time to consider adding prebiotics and probiotics in your routine.
  • When you do not get good sleep, you cannot make sound decisions and choices.
  • The best probiotics restore your entire digestion system to a healthy state.

2. Poor Digestion May Lead to Malnutrition


  • When your stomach lacks enough healthy bacteria to overcome the toxins leaking into your body, you need to find methods to freplace that healthy bacteria fast.
  • Eating healthy foods, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish and healthy fats found in olive oil, help your gut create healthy bacteria.
  • No matter how healthy you eat, if your body cannot absorb essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients, then it cannot distribute those things to your brain and body.

3. Digestion and Dental Health

Dental Health

  • Digestion plays a major role in your dental and oral health. When you have poor digestion, GERD is one side effect. GERD allows stomach acid to reach your mouth with devastating effects. A battle between stomach acid and tooth enamel already has a fixed outcome. Acid breaches tooth enamel, creating holes in the dentin that allow bacteria to invade your teeth.
  • Restoring healthy bacteria to your gut counteracts poor digestions. If your teeth are in poor shape, eating whole food becomes difficult. Often, a probiotic supplement will work to restore your gut to a state where healthy bacteria thrive.
  • Highly processed sugars and food affect your teeth and your digestive system. Avoiding carbonated beverages and processed food helps your dental health and your digestion.

4. Poor Digestion Leads to Cranky Moods

Cranky Moods

  • When your heartburn has you eating antacids like candy, you cannot function well from a mental aspect.
  • Poor digestion affects your brain and cognitive function declines with poor digestion.
  • Probiotics help the digestive center correct poor digestion. In turn, this improved your mood and mental well-being.

5. Poor Digestion Affect Your Immune System

Immune System

  • Healthy gut bacteria are a major defense against both short-term and chronic illness.
  • Your immune system relies on a healthy digestive system. If your digestion remains poor, it has a negative effect on your immune system.
  • Expose your body to controlled bacteria to harden it again immune-stripping digestive problems.

6. A Healthy Weight Leads to A Healthy Digestive System

Healthy Weight

  • Weight may play one of the largest roles in determining the health of your gut and digestive system.
  • When your gut has unhealthy bacteria, losing weight is nearly impossible.
  • Probiotics restore healthy gut bacteria which helps you lose weight.

Once you realize poor digestion leads to worse health, you can do some positive things to head it off. Do not dismiss poor digestion as just another sign you are aging.