Featured / Home Improvement · August 14, 2018

6 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season To Pain Your House’s Exteriors


Painting your house can either be a great adventure or an overwhelming task. Either way, it’s best to make it easy on yourself. Painting in the summer provides you with a much nicer experience, and may even allow you to enjoy the chore rather than hating it. This article will discuss some of the reasons you will want to make sure you paint your home in the summer instead of the winter.

1. Temperature

Paintaing in Summer

Painting in summer is a good idea because you want the paint to go on the house in a nice way. Painting in the winter or when the temperatures are too cold can affect how the paint goes on as well as how it cures.

In addition, the paint may end up flaking off, causing you to have to re-paint and spend extra money to finish the project. Keep this information in mind the next time you are looking for court hampton painting professionals.

2. Better Outside Conditions

Better Outside Conditions

A tough chore is going to be easier to accomplish if the sun is shining and you can wear what you are comfortable in. You don’t have to worry about layering up on clothes to keep warm, and you can even multi-task by grilling some food while you paint.

3. Faster Drying Time

Faster Drying Time

The time it takes for paint to dry in the winter is significantly longer than what it takes during the summer, which is what makes summer the prime painting season. If the paint is able to dry faster, then you can complete the project sooner rather than having it drag on for weeks at a time.

4. Dryer Conditions

Rainy days

No one wants to paint when there is a rain or snow shower going on. The painting also wouldn’t turn out so well in those conditions. Summer is the better season for painting because the chances of precipitation are lower. Your paint will be able to go on smooth and dry in a timely manner during the summer.

5. Family Event

Family Event

If you are looking forward to painting, then you can take that excitement a step further and invite other members of your family to join you or to play outside and keep you company. The weather will be more suitable for this and you won’t have to worry about anyone catching a cold.

6. Lighting

Painting in Bright light

The paint on the exterior of your house is something you want to get right because it sets the tone for your home and helps improve the curb appeal. You want to have appropriate lighting in order to judge the color in an inconspicuous spot and make sure it’s exactly what you are looking for. You could do this in the winter, but there is a higher chance of clouds and reflection from the snow that may not be very helpful.


As you can see, summer is definitely the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home. The weather is much better, which not only helps the paint but keeps your mood up while you paint as well.