Advice / Featured / Lifestyle · April 22, 2018

Feeling Low All The Time? Here Are 7 Signs That Might Point To A Bigger Problem

Do you get sad? How often does it happen? Is it specific to a particular event or it never fades away?

These are some of the questions that you need to figure out an answer to in order to get yourself back on the road to a healthy life.

While sadness over something is not much to worry about, prolonged versions of it might signify a different perspective you need to assess.

Depression is a global health-related phenomenon these days. The fact that a person can lose interest in living his life scares the living hell out of us.

We are here to help you fight the adversities in life, but first, we need you to assess your situation in a better way. Here are 7 signs that might signify you being depressed:

1. Your Sadness Never Fades Away:

While setbacks in life bring sadness and discomfort, feeling low all the livelong day can be a signal that things are worse than they look.

Normal people usually manipulate their mind into cheering up with some sort of recreational activity or by surrounding themselves with family and friends.

This ability gets lost if you’re getting an inch closer every day towards getting depressed.

2. Small Things Ruin Your Mood:

If you constantly feel pissed about every little thing that goes wrong, you might be depressed.

For instance: if your partner shows up on a date a little later than they were supposed to and your entire mood gets ruined, it might not be a good signal. If you get sad over things you can’t control, you need help.

3. The Urge To Stay Indoors:

The nature of a person can be an introvert or an extrovert, but this doesn’t change the fact that some people tend to overdo them when they get depressed.

If you’re an introvert and constantly feel like staying indoors even when you need to work, you’re not doing something right. Pushing your behavior to the limits can be a bad sign.

4. Excessive Eating:

Excessive eating is often linked with depression by the psychologists.

While excessive hunger can be a sign of other illnesses, overeating can be potentially be seen as an excuse to escape from the situations in life which a depressed person wants a break from.

5. Suicidal Thoughts:

The thoughts of suicide are the biggest sign that you’ve gone too far to fix yourself alone.

People who are depressed often spend hours over the internet every day searching for painless methods to go. If you’ve recently become a part of this routine, you need to stop.

The very fact that you’re on this post means you want to get better, which is definitely a very good sign.

6. Rude Behavior:

One more thing that depressed people are known to do is to distance their loved ones from their life.

While they think that this might make their loved ones move on easily, they’re actually doing things the other way around.

Instead of moving on, the family members tend to get stressed over excessive rudeness and weird behaviors and get extra conscious for their well being.

7. Hiding Things From People Who Care:

The loss of our beloved Chester Bennington to depression is the perfect example of how people can act perfectly normal around the people they love and still be depressed.

With the video that Chester posted about 36 hours before he took his life, he looks and behaves perfectly normal around his family and friends. You can watch the video here.

We hope you can’t relate the above-mentioned points with yourself, for not being depressed is the best thing for any person who comes across this post.

In case you feel you need medical attention, we urge you not to delay any further as your mental well being is of utmost importance for us too. Stay healthy, stay blessed.