Advice / Home Improvement · August 9, 2018

How to Burglar-proof Your New Home When Going on Vacation

Once a reliable Toronto condo team has helped you to find your ideal home, you might want to think about how to protect it from burglars. Burglar-proofing your home is especially important if you are set to go for a holiday only a short while after moving into your new home. While you are away on vacation, it is easy for criminals to spot your empty home and take advantage of your absence to break and enter. Your vacation should be a time to relax and not wonder whether your new home is safe. Here are some burglar-proofing ideas for the time you are away from your home.

1.      Installing an Alarm System

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If you haven’t installed a security system yet, this should be the first thing you consider before going on holiday.  You need to bear in mind that burglars are also experts in alarm systems and can tell whether the system installed is effective or not. Therefore, consider installing a state-of-the-art system as these are harder to manipulate.

2.      Ensure There Is No Overflow of Uncollected Mail

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If you have a mailbox, you need to find someone to pick the mail for you while you are on holiday. Burglars know whether there is someone at the house by checking whether the mail is collected often. If you do not have a trusted neighbor or friend to collect the mail for you, you can consider using the request hold mail service. This service ensures that mail delivery is stalled for the time you are away.

3.      Always Double Check Before Leaving

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Before you leave for your vacation, always check that all entry points are locked and that your alarm system is working as it should. Ensure you shut your curtains or blinds. This ensures that the burglar cannot peak in the house and see what you have. Most thieves will first leak to see if you have anything of value in plain sight.

4.      Alert Your Neighbor On Your Absence

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It is important to notify at least one of your neighbors about your plan to go on vacation. You can ask them to keep an eye for any suspicious activity around your house while you’re gone. They can help with shoveling the snow to maintaining your lawn while you are away. You can also ask them to park in your driveway to give the impression that there is someone home at the end of the day.

5.      Simulate Sound and Light Patterns Using Timers

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Another idea is to purchase a light and sound timer for your home. The idea is to have the lights come on and off at pre-set times to make it look as though there is someone home. You can set your timer to turn the lights on in the evening and turn them off at 11 pm. If your radio and TV have a timer functionality, you can also turn them on and off at the times you deem fit. Nobody will notice that you’re not home.