Advice / Life Hacks · September 26, 2018

How to Pack Your Bathroom for a Move

Are you packing to move? Packing your bathroom is a totally different experience from packing your bedroom and living room. While it may seem relatively easy, it is anything but that in reality. You need to understand the challenges of packing your bathroom for a move in order to simplify and speed up the packing process. Here’s how to go about it.

1.      Pack the Bathroom Bags

 Pack the Bathroom Bags

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Ask every family member to pack their own essential bathroom bag. This should be done a few days to the appointed moving day to avoid delays and confusion on the D-day. You shouldn’t do it too early since you’ll be using some of these items on a day to day basis. Packing a bathroom bag is a straightforward process. Everyone should pack a toothbrush, some toothpaste, soap, shampoo, essential makeup, shaving accessories, shower gel, and any other essential items they would pack in their travel bag if they were going on a short vacation.

2.      Line and Pad the Boxes

Line and Pad the Boxes

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You should make sure your supplies are protected by lining and padding the boxes before packing. Use packing paper as the first layer and add a bathroom towel over it. This creates a protective base inside the packing boxes. It will be safer to transport your stuff this way.

3.      Protect Fragile Items

Protect Fragile Items

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The bathroom mirror should be wrapped with soft packing paper and padded with thick pieces of cardboard. Use bubble wrap to cover the entire mirror. This will help protect it from damage during the move. Any other fragile items you’ll be carrying with you from the bathroom should be treated in a similar manner.

4.      Packing Liquids

Packing Liquids

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The bathroom has an abundance of bottles containing liquids. This makes packing a bit tricky. You should do your best to avoid leaks and spills during your move. This is why you should use leak-proof containers to carry these items. Zippered plastic bags and plastic wrap come in handy in such situations. Before throwing a half-empty bottle containing a liquid into a packing box, take out the lid and place a piece of plastic wrap on the opening before putting it back on. Tighten it to make sure the contents cannot leak and then throw it into a zippered plastic bag.

5.      Packing the Toiletries

Packing the Toiletries

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When packing to move, you need to have toiletry bags. In case you don’t, you can wrap your toiletries with packing paper and then add a layer of plastic wrap for extra protection. Once this is done, place the items in a cardboard box.

6.      Use Washcloths and Towels for Padding

Use Washcloths and Towels for Padding

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Instead of folding your towels and washcloths and putting them in a box, you should use them to pad cardboard boxes containing fragile items. They make for excellent padding material since they add very little weight. Make sure the towels and washcloths are dry before using them.

7.      Keep All Medicines in the Essentials Box

Keep All Medicines in the Essentials Box

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Once you start packing the contents of your medicine cabinet, remember that to put all your prescription medications and first aid kit in your essentials box. This box should stay with you throughout the move. Never hand it over to your movers. Make sure to hire a reputable moving company such as Hudson movers.