Home Improvement · May 22, 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Composite Deck Color

Need help picking composite wood decking colors? While you could just pick a random color and go with it, there’s actually a lot to consider if you want to do it right.  While you could always hire a landscape designer to help with the task, you can do it yourself using the following tips.

  1. Begin with The Basics – Deck Color Families

Credit: Pixabay

Even if you are clueless about the color you want for your deck board, there is a chance that there is a specific color group you are fond of. To make it easier to compare varying shades, decking colors are generally categorized into four:

  • Grays (covers all colors with a greyish look, from greige to graphite)
  • Classic browns (this vary from the traditional mid-tone brown to the rich chocolate brown)
  • Golden browns (these are options from warm tan brown to the sun-kissed brown)
  • Reddish brown (these are sophisticated tones of reds and browns)

Pick a color group and then select a tone you can work with.

  1. The Color of Your Home

Credit: Pixabay

This is another useful tip for choosing between composite wood decking colors. The color of the exterior walls of your home plays an important role when it comes to how your backyard looks like. Therefore, you need to pick a color that compliments your home. While you may not necessarily have to choose an exact match for your deck, it is important to choose a color that doesn’t clash with that of your home.

  1. Do Not Ignore the Undertones

Credit: Pixabay

Deck colors are usually also available in cool and warm undertones. If you are familiar with the color wheel, undertones of orange, red, or yellow are usually warm colors. On the other hand, undertones of green, violet, or blue are usually referred to as cool colors. While the color grey is considered to be a neutral color, it can also be categorized as a cool or warm undertone. Sticking to either cool or warm undertones will give your deck and home a harmonious look.

  1. The Exposure of Your Backyard to The Sun

Credit: Pixabay

It is natural for any material to get warm during the sunny season. Dark colors particularly tend to heat up when it’s hot. If your deck is fully exposed to the sun on a daily basis, it is a good idea to opt for a light color for your board. If your home in an area that experiences cool weather or limited sunshine during the day, you may want to go for darker colors to give the space a warm feel.

  1. Make Use of Strategic Color Placement

Credit: Pixabay

If you want your deck to make the area look spacious, then you might want to consider using more than one board color. For instance, you can use one color on the interior deck boards and use a contrasting shade on the edges. This technique is very popular and is referred to as deck picture framing. This technique is especially useful if you are using boards with groove edges that use hidden fasteners. This technique can create a very sophisticated look.