How to make a trending topic on Twitter ? And how not to

I’m not really comfy with this title honestly, but guess it conveys what its supposed to, right ?No ? Okay let me try and make things clear and possibly put things into perspective.  

10 Twitter tools to effectively manage your followers

Managing your followers and friends on Twitter is not easy. But its a fact that your success ratio and influence power is directly proportional to how active your followers are. I’ve realized that rather than who follows you or how many people follow you, its important to know whom you are following and how active [...]

My guilty pleasure

The following is from Len Stemberger.  He’s married to Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, who you may know! There are times in our lives where we recognize that something that we enjoy isn’t particularly good for us or doesn’t conform to our values.  For instance, we know that sweets and fried foods are [...]

How to boost wireless speeds on your mobile devices

If you are looking to increase the wireless speeds you receive on your mobile device, there are various tricks you can try – and many of them won’t cost you a thing.   Upgrade your router Okay, this one will cost you. But ensuring you have a router capable of the fastest wireless speeds could [...]

Small business logo design at 48hourslogo

Today, I want to tell you about a cool logo design website I came across recently. It’s called 48hourslogo. Like the domain name suggested, I got couple of my logos designs in just 48 hours, quick and easy. Every business owner and entrepreneurs know how important having a high quality and well-designed logo is. But [...]

Bingo and how it helps in making a great social game

Social gambling sites have slowly risen in popularity as the gambling scene goes through many changes, as technology is moving towards the direction of the internet and even mobile devices. Social networking sites are steadily changing how people play games. Gone are the days when one had to go to a local arcade to play [...]

Best online marketing tips for 2014

The world of online and internet marketing.  No matter where you go or what you read chances are, as a site or business owner, you are told of the latest and greatest in online marketing tips and solutions.  There are a couple facts you have to get comfortable with:   -  You will never know [...]

Five essential tips for newbie freelance writers

Most successful writers start their career by accident. More often than not they practice online writing without the slightest idea that they are actually copywriters. Some start out of passion, others do it because they wish to share their knowledge with the world, or simply for AdSense revenue on random sites. Nevertheless, these are the [...]

Best app for fertility tracking

Don’t get too excited just yet; scientists and app developers have yet to collaborate on a mobile application that can get you pregnant. However, there are definitely ways to track the days when a woman’s body is most fertile, and there are actually several apps designed to help users monitor a menstrual cycle and more. [...]

How to use YouTube to promote your blog

YouTube is a fantastic promotional resource with huge potential that unfortunately goes unused by many bloggers all over the world. Building a solid base of loyal readers requires a multifaceted approach to blog promotions, and YouTube can be one of your strongest marketing grounds. Internet viewers today are more obsessed with video than ever before; [...]

Farmstand: a powerful App for Green Foodies

It wasn’t really that long ago that people relied on natural means for remineralizing soil and keeping pests away from crops. In the grand scheme of things, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are a relatively new development, having only come into widespread use within the last century. Considering that the Agrarian Revolution is believed to have [...]

Food tracking app Fooducate provides a path to healthy eating

If you’ve dieted before then you’re probably aware of the basic concept of food tracking, which is the tenet of many diet programs. Until you become aware of what you’re eating and how much it’s impossible to truly create a change in your health habits. While you can certainly try fad diets until the cows [...]